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To kick off this mission that you must select if you wish to name the Militech Agent or strategy this encounter with out her assist. Your decisions right here do have repercussions sooner or later.

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If you happen to already know what you wish to do, listed below are some fast hyperlinks to key factors on this walkthrough for The Pickup:

This is what occurs if you happen to select to tackle Maelstorm your self:

That is the weapons blazing methodology. No cellphone calls, no niceties.

You’ll be able to bypass conversations and as a substitute go in as aggressively as attainable by destroying the turrets and blowing up the mines on the entrance of the Militech base. As a substitute of getting any type of sit down assembly you can begin the fight immediately. You’ll nonetheless get the case with the Flathead so you’ll be able to completely full the mission this fashion if you wish to boost the preventing and tone down the dialogue.

Whenever you attain the top you’ll be able to struggle Royce or stealth round him to the exit.

This is what occurs if you happen to work with Meredith Stout:


Name Meredith. She’s already pissed once you name her, and her perspective would not enhance a lot once you inform her you need a assembly. She’ll set the place: underneath an overpass in Watson, not removed from the place you are supposed to fulfill Jackie. Hop in your automotive and drive.

There, Meredith shall be much more aggressive. A physique guard throws a swing on her command, however V explains they only wish to speak. A bodyguard will plug in and maintain a gun to V whereas Meredith asks questions. They’re going to know if you happen to lie.

Throughout this dialog you’ll use responses primarily based in your lifepath, although they doubtless will not quantity to a lot.

All Meredith needs is so that you can pay for the bot with a Militech Datashard. Be suspicious. It is encrypted, so why do not we maintain that first?

Find out how to Decrypt the Militech Credit score Chip

Open your menu and go to the Shards menu in your journal. Shut all of the Shard sections and you may see the Militech Datashard on the very backside. You will additionally see three strings of code matrices:

00000 – 50 72 6F 70 65 72 74 79 20 6F 66 20 4D 69 6C 69 74 65 63 68 2E 20 55 6E
0000A – 61 75 74 68 6F 72 69 7A 65 64 20 61 63 63 65 73 73 20 69 73 20 73 74 72
00014 – 69 63 74 6C 79 20 70 72 6F 68 69 62 69 74 65 64 2E

You do not really need these codes for something, although.

We advocate doing a handbook save earlier than trying this, simply in case you mess up. There’s an opportunity you will lock your self out of the chip with solely partial data. Nonetheless, if you happen to begin seeing the info go mistaken, you’ll be able to again out of the menu with no consequence and take a look at once more.

The objective in decrypting the chip is to not solely copy the daemon, however to additionally clear the cash.

To do that, clear up the underside code first (BD BD FF 55) adopted by the highest sequence (55 1C E9). You want to do that completely in an effort to get each rewards. The final quantity within the first code, 55, can be the beginning of the second sequence, which is the way it’s attainable to get each.

So, you will be working towards this code: BD BD FF 55 1C E9.

If you happen to’re having hassle with it, this is the hacking sequence we used:

There are a number of methods to get to the answer too, although!

As soon as you have enter that you will not solely have neutralized the malware, you will additionally get a brand new Quickhack at no cost.

V will give a verbal affirmation that the Shard is clear and you will find the brand new Quickhack in your Cyberdeck referred to as Synapse Burnout. In case you have not checked that in a minute, you’ll find the Cyberdeck menu on the underside proper of the Stock display.

Meet with Jackie

Jackie is ready for you on the aspect of the highway. An important factor right here is to speak to him about Maelstrom, although you’ll be able to strike up different conversations. As proven under, if you happen to’re a Nomad, you’ll be able to speak to him about his bike, and relying in your attributes, you’ll be able to even touch upon the way it’s constructed. When you’re carried out with the small speak, select the Maelstrom choice.

Jackie is not thrilled about Maelstrom and desires to know when you’ve got a plan to take care of them. You’ll be able to say…

  • Doubt this’ll go easily (implying a struggle)
  • We’ll pay once more, however with Militech cred. (use the Militech Datashard)
  • $10000 We’ll purchase it off ’em. (You will must have this quantity in an effort to, you already know, purchase it.)

Select your choice, then, if you happen to’re able to tackle the mission, comply with Jackie throughout the road to the All Meals gate. Strategy the intercom and allow them to know Dex despatched you. They’re going to let V and Jackie in with out a lot fuss.

Getting Into Maelstrom’s Base

Upon getting into, instantly stroll to the proper previous the cabinets. At the back of this space is a crate with Unusual Merchandise Parts and a Shard. Return to Jackie and proceed on into the Maelstrom lair. There are many random Shards and different junk to select up alongside the way in which.

When you get to the steps, although, observe the Militech mines. There are many them lining it, and a few within the upcoming doorway. It appears Maelstrom took excess of simply the bot from Militech. Don’t be concerned, they don’t seem to be activated. If you happen to shoot them or another safety units, Maelstrom shall be antagonistic towards V and Jackie.

Proceed to comply with Jackie and you may attain a closed door. Open it to enter the correct Maelstrom foyer. This large room is full of literal meatbags (we needn’t speak about it) and loads of issues to stuff V’s pockets. Somebody will yell at V and Jackie, instructing them to get within the elevator, however they will not say something if you happen to run round taking their grenades and ammo earlier than you accomplish that. Simply saying!

Take the elevator to fulfill a pleasant Maelstrom goon named Dum Dum. He is not as affected person as the opposite guys and calls for you sit. He isn’t too inclined on letting you speak to Royce, and he will not stand to let Jackie, nicely, stand both. Calm Jackie down once you see the immediate except you are able to rile up this crew and begin a firefight with Maelstrom. Dum Dum will finally give you an inhaler. Jakie is not thrilled about it, but it surely will not harm if you happen to take it, or politely refuse. If something, it will no less than calm Dum Dum down. The bot is introduced over. If you happen to ask to see it, Dum Dum will even provide you with a bit of demonstration. V brings up they’re able to take the bot, provided that Dex technically already paid it with Maelstrom’s outdated boss.

Right here comes Royce. He is pissed on the point out of Brick and throws a gun at V immeditely. All solutions listed below are on a timer, so be sure you have a plan on what you wish to do. The way you deal with this case determines if you happen to get out of this weapons blazing or if you happen to stroll out simply. Primarily, you are selecting to both make enemies with Maelstrom now, or possibly make enemies with Militech. Beneath are guides to the varied methods you’ll be able to strategy this mission

  • Shard Cleaned, “Peaceable Exit” – Aspect with Maelstrom
  • Give Militech the bugged Shard – Aspect with Militech
  • Shard Cleaned, Violent Exit – Aspect with Militch
  • Simply Pure Chaos – Aspect with.. Militech?

Click on or faucet right here to leap to the Shard Cleared, Siding with Militech walkthrough.

Shard Cleared, Siding with Maelstrom

Inform Royce you are able to make a brand new deal. He is happy with that, however would not ease up a lot. Supply the Militech shard. Cash is not the one factor he wants, although. He needs to know who you are working for. “Dexter DeShawn, that is who.” V states, and that brings Royce to lastly drop his gun. And his guard. If in case you have stage 6 Physique, you’ll be able to take down Royce. You may as well draw your weapon. Or, you are able to do nothing.

You’ll be able to select to attract your weapon and nonetheless get out clear.

Sure, we would like a chill exit, however we will nonetheless get up for the man who employed V. Jackie strikes swiftly with you. Now, since we’re going peacefully, pay him with the Militech chip. V will inform Royce that Militech is onto them and that the datashard was initially bugged. He’ll have it checked and the room will largely settle down. Anticipate Royce to stroll across the room. He’ll inform you to take the bot. Lastly, it is all yours and because of the magic of being a narrative merchandise, it would not weigh a factor.

Not lengthy after you seize the bot alarms begin going off. It appears Militech has caught on. Dum Dum instructs you and Jackie to comply with him via the air flow shaft.

Shortly seize the grenades on the wall throughout from the ladder (you are going to want them later) then scale it behind Jackie. Be sure you seize what’s on this subsequent room too! There is a field within the again with $1000:

Maintain following Dum Dum, the title of an individual you completely wish to comply with into fight. Jackie asks why he is bothering to assist. He needs some additional our bodies between himself and Militech, in fact. We’ll see who truly makes it out of this. Proceed to comply with Dum Dum till you attain a brief purple hallway. The capturing is about to start out, so be sure you’ve obtained the loadout you need.

You’ll be able to largely grasp again and let the 2 teams destroy one another within the first room if you would like, however be sure you gather any weapons and loot our bodies alongside the way in which. Dropped weapons may be nice for crafting materials.

Proof of the Mole

On this first room, go straight after you drop down alongside the wall as soon as the room is cleared and you will find this door:

Enter the room bathed in purple gentle, and you may see a terminal on the far wall. Open it and look via the messages. The primary one referred to as “Transports – LOA” reveals the Militech Mole.

Find out how to Free Brick

You will discover Brick locked in what seems to be like a small closet within the second large fight room. The left aspect of the room has two elevated subrooms with glass home windows, and his door is true between them.

As for the locked door, you will have two choices:

  • The door controls themselves may be hacked for a number of RAM to remotely set off it, opening up the door and having access to Brick.
  • Within the room with the detonator subsequent to Brick, look on the middle desk on the proper to discover a closed laptop computer, and open it to learn the emails – one among which is labeled “solely you guys know”. This comprises the code to the door – 9691

As you open the door, Brick will warn you {that a} laser mine is pointing proper at him – if he strikes, he dies. Look into the room on the proper you’ll find a detonator on a desk by the door. If you happen to’re feeling fairly ruthless you’ll be able to detonate it and kill Brick, in any other case disable it.

After you free Brick and disable the mine, point out that he technically owes you one, and he’ll promise that will help you out if you happen to ever meet up once more after this!

Combating By way of the Maelstrom Base

Within the subsequent room you will be confronted with a number of Militech enemies, however the Maelstrom guys shall be by your aspect serving to. Shoot down any that provide you with an issue. If you happen to’re having hassle telling pal from foe, flash your scanner to see which people have a purple overlay. Use cowl and the explosives on this room to your benefit. Leaning from behind cowl is an effective way to maintain V out of fireplace too.

Clear the room and you may hear gunfire coming from one other room that was beforehand closed. Kill anybody standing in your manner and be sure you loot the doorway to this new hall. There is a Thermal Harm blade cyberware mod on this crate:

Once more, you’ll be able to seize tons of different stuff throughout this encounter too. Simply watch your weight restrict. There are even some Unusual Merchandise Parts in crates throughout this shootout too. Simply bear in mind: the music could also be pressing, however you’ll be able to take your time discovering issues as long as you are down for it.

Battle of the Mechs

The subsequent room has a number of extra enemies and it will be the final room in your approach to freedom. Simply be sure you hit up the room on the high of the steps earlier than continuing via the door.

You will need quite a lot of grenades. Within the subsequent room Royce is battling two Militech Mech. You undoubtedly need them destroyed, so take cowl and chuck your grenades. EMP grenades are particularly efficient towards the mechs. If you have not modified your grenades but, you are able to do so in your Stock menu. Observe you can hack the mechs too!

These two mech deal a ton of injury, so watch your well being fastidiously. Do not stay in a single spot for too lengthy both. Shifting across the room is your finest wager for survival. As soon as part of the mech is blow off, you’ll be able to hit that spot to do important harm. Royce and the remainder of Maelstrom will assist you in taking them down too.

As soon as the struggle is over, you’ll be able to sass Royce for his common lack of appreciation in your help. It is time to get the hell out of this place. You need to have earned one other stage (and a perk level and attribute level with it). Earlier than you permit, although. Give this space one last sweep if you would like a ton of free ammo and even an LMG referred to as the Defender. That ought to be sitting on a crate on this room. When you’re glad together with your haul, head on out.

Militech is ready, although. You’ve got obtained their bot, however if you happen to discovered the Militech mole’s data, so you need to don’t have anything to worry. And you have got somebody on the within, no less than for this one encounter.

Observe: If you happen to run too far-off from the target, you will get a name from Anthony Gilchrist as a substitute of getting a present from Militech on the gate.

It seems the Militech mole, Anthony Gilchrist, would have been in hassle if you happen to did not decrypt the Shard. Since you probably did, he is free to go. You save his life, and now he is saving V and Jackie’s.

Different Playthrough Choices for The Pickup

Aspect With Militech

If you happen to’re seeking to take out the Maelstrom gang, there are a few choices obtainable to you:

  • Give them the corrupted Militech Shard through the tradeoff.
  • When Royce will get distracted by Dexter Deshawn’s title, knock him out (requires Physique 6) or pull a gun out and pull the set off to take him out immediately.
  • Don’t intervene when Jackie will get of their face
  • Begin capturing the second you enter the manufacturing unit

An important factor to notice right here is that when the capturing begins, Militech gained’t get entangled, so that you’ll be by yourself – which can make issues tougher with solely Jackie backing you up. This additionally signifies that Royce shall be ready for you within the last room in a mech go well with – except you kill him immediately through the negotiations (he’ll cover as quickly as he scans the corrupted chip). Killing him at both level will yield an Epic Jacket, and an Iconic weapon, making it price your whereas.

If you happen to begin attacking earlier than the spider drone is introduced out, you’ll have to seek out it within the again room previous the place the assembly was to happen – fortunately it’s not far, and there’s loads of different issues to loot.

The rooms forward will solely be patrolled by small teams of Maelstrom gang members who gained’t mechanically know of your presence, so that you do have the flexibility to hack cameras or disable them on close by safety laptops, and attempt to use stealth takedowns on a few of the gang members. Nonetheless, the gang does make use of Netrunners, and so they might attempt to overheat you utilizing the cameras or getting a bead on you – shoot them or the cameras to cease the hack if attainable.

Whenever you lastly attain that final room, Royce might not know of your presence if you happen to haven’t made an excessive amount of noise, and also you’ll be given the choice to sneak previous him and keep away from the boss struggle completely if you want. This implies you gained’t have the ability to get his gear, so it’s as much as you ways essential his loot is to you, and you’ll hack the varied units within the room to attract his consideration away from the far door on the proper.

Whenever you make it exterior, whether or not or not you ended up utilizing the Militech Shard, the agent shall be impressed together with your work, and comment that she might wish to work with you once more sooner or later.

Observe: It’s not sure if you’ll be able to hold the Militech Shard cash for your self. When you can clear the machine and never give it to the Maelstrom gang, there doesn’t appear to be a manner at the moment to obtain the cash – it’s unclear if this can be a glitch or working as supposed.

Chat with Jackie after. After the quick reassurance of fine teamwork, you will name Dex. V will give a report on the job primarily based on what you probably did. However now, with the bot in hand, you are able to do the job he is truly serious about. Until you continue to want to fulfill with Evelyn. Remember to promote all of your junk! There is a Drop Level proper across the nook.

Click on or faucet the next hyperlinks to proceed to both of your subsequent missions.

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